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The Twilight is the world of dreams lingering between our world and The Chaos Plane. It is where all the happy thoughts we dream at night live after our minds drifts back to the reality of this world. The once joyous and grand places that used to occupy The Twilight have been infected by the darkness that rained down after The Uprising. The Shadows, the nightmares of our childhood, were left to wither away in The Chaos Plane. But after Vir De Somnio broke through the veil all their despair and anger followed them and infected The Twilight.

Forgotten Ruins[edit | edit source]

Forgotten Ruins.PNG

Forgotten Ruins was the very first map ever created for Light Bearers and although it has undergone a few face-lifts since the beginning of development, the aesthetics and flow of the environment have not changed. It is designed for a smaller group of players due to its overall map size and narrow pathways. The level takes place in the soft lighting of night and is overgrown with lush green foliage.

It is symmetrical in layout but offers two main landmarks for players to maintain their bearings. The ancient orb resides in the North of the level and the large Tower can be seen in the South. The flow of the map forces anyone who wants to change sides to go through a choke point in the center.

The Pool of Light can spawn in either the center of the map, or in one of the corners and the hiding places are Bear Sentry Statues and stacked crates.

Eldritch Halls[edit | edit source]

Eldrich Halls.PNG

Inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft, Eldritch Halls was created to elicit the same spooky, uneasy feeling. Almost every ledge and surface is covered in melting candles with purple flames, drowning the environment in a rich purple hue which complement the bright green accented lights scattered throughout the map. A dark and stormy night can be seen through the bear stained glass adorning every window.

The two floors of this ancient cathedral are connected by two sets of stairs with a few jump crystals that allow Light Bears to traverse the multiple levels easily. If you get trapped, a large number of Bear Sentry Statues exist to hide in.

The Pool of Light can spawn either upstairs or in the main room.

Black Ramparts[edit | edit source]

Black Ramparts.PNG

Standing high above a sleeping village, the castle of the Black Ramparts looms. It is lit only by moonlight and torches during a thunderous storm to portray a cold picture. Crates, barrels, swords and shields decorate the small interior and multiple stories of play area giving the players lots of ways to avoid getting infected.

There are 2 tall towers on both sides of the map that make great places to hide away from the Shadow, but always remember there are Shadow Portals that aid the Shadow in getting practically anywhere in the map.

The Pool of Light will spawn on either side of the highest floor or in the center of the open area on the first floor.

Broken Forest[edit | edit source]

Broken Forest.PNG

A dark and frightening forest with a creeping mist covering its hidden secrets. Shadow stones have twisted and defiled the once lush greenery. A giant wooden hand grips the center of the map. It has multiple roots jutting out from its base that allows access up to the top of it. Breaking line of sight by running between the dense trees make it very easy to escape most Shadows.

On one side of the map, a ritualistic bonfire is surrounded by several tall stone slabs. Bear Sentry Statues are the only available hiding spots on the map.

The Pool of Light only spawns in the middle of the map on the giant wooden hand.

Dank Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Dank Dungeon.PNG

The damp and dank dungeon is filled with tight corridors and long hallways. Its low level lighting from sporadic torches reduces player visibility. The three stories are all connected by stairs and a long shaft in the center with a jump crystal to allow vertical mobility for the Light Bears. This map gives some of the bigger Shadows a playground to torment the Light Bears.

There are crates and Bear Sentry Statues placed throughout the map to hide in, although in with all the little nooks and crannies created by the sharp turns and narrow halls you might not need them.

The Pool of Light spawns only on the second floor in the large room.

Hellscape[edit | edit source]


A dry and windy hellish level that marries burnt stone with rusty metal. The very asymmetrical level offers a ton of non-standard hiding for players, whether it is under a broken piece of flooring or atop a ledge jutting out from the rocks. The giant stone towers act as landmarks to help orient players and a skilled bear can get to the top with ease.

Because of its close design, it is easy to get to a Light Bear that is being infected within a matter of seconds. Make sure to use the well placed Demon Bear Statues for hiding.

The Pool of Light spawns on the western most side near the edge or on the main walkway.

Fallen Temple[edit | edit source]

Fallen Temple.PNG

An ancient temple buried deep beneath the the dunes of a hot and arid desert. At one time, elaborate rituals were performed here. The Light Bears would call up to the heavens and in unison and chant "The Pool of Light is open!" while performing the most revered dance of all: the pelvic thrust. Ever since the Shadows arrived, the Light Bears have not been back and the temple has fallen into ruin.

Urns and stones decorate the two floors connected by a numerous staircases making it a playground for Mimic. The level has Bear Sentry Statues to hide in and the multitudes of heights between floors gives the players lots of unique places to hide from prying Shadows.

The middle of the map has a very open play area and the Pool of Light spawns in either the open space above the large staircase or on the walkway between the two side staircases.

Bear Village[edit | edit source]

Bear Village.PNG

A quaint village hidden in the tops of the trees holds a special place for Light Bears as one of the last safe places. Every wooden house built around the tree base is topped with bouncy mushrooms and ramps connect each house in a semi-symmetrical layout. In addition to the roofs, there is a field of bright green bouncy mushrooms that allow players to move between the wide open spaces.

Bear Sentry Statues and crates are scattered around the environment for the Light Bears to hide in. The layout of the map makes it easy to juke any Shadow Bears chasing you, but be careful you don't fall too often and lose all your points.

The Pool of Light always spawns in the center-most house, which makes it easy to predict for both bears and Shadows

Nexus[edit | edit source]


Golden light filters through puffy lights illuminating this once grand palace. Shadowy tethers rip and pull at the pieces of marbled stone breaking it further apart. The large gaps allow for a whole lot of jumping and falling with only a handful of jump crystals and ramps to assist in traversal. It is also the only level where bear skydiving is acceptable!

Use one of the large marble containers placed all over the map or Wall Jump to the top of towering structures floating on the outskirts of the map to hide from the Shadow.

The Pool of Light only spawns in the middle of the map and hovers between the first and second floors.

Plagued Sewers[edit | edit source]

Plagued Sewers.PNG

A nasty sewer filled with noxious liquid and trash. It boasts a simplistic layout consisting of a semi-circular outer ring and a wide open area in the center where a bear can easily fall. There are two floors in the center that are accessible by ramps from either side of the outer ring or jump crystals. Tall hallways allow for lots of wall jumping and an inset drain can easily trap unaware bears.

Hiding spots in the level take the form of Bear Sentry Statues and stacked crates covered in old pizza boxes.

The Pool of Light can only spawn on the bottom floor of the center area.

Yule Town[edit | edit source]

Yule Town.PNG

Keeping with the fun and merry feelings of Christmas, this snowy town encompasses all the childhood joy we all know and love. The wood cabins sit atop slick ice and are covered in fresh snow powder. The map introduces a new hazard: Ice! It is slippery for bears (both Light and Shadow) and can only be easily traversed through jumping or by running on nearby snow.

A giant Christmas tree stands in the back center of the map, lighting the way as a landmark for players. Disgruntled Snowmen serve as the hiding spots in this map.

The Pool of Light can spawn in one of four places on the map: on top of the snow ramp in the center of the map, under the icy bridge in the cave or one of the two top side areas between the houses.

Spooky Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Spooky Cemetery.PNG

This map was released during our 2018 Halloween event, post release.

The level is filled with jack-o-lanterns, graves and stone mausoleums consisting of an above ground play area and below ground cave connected by a jump crystal in the center and tunnels on either end of the map. A giant tree in the center of the map is both a great hiding spot and a strong landmark. Other than that, the only other hiding spots are within the large pumpkins or atop the mausoleum with the holy symbol on the far side of the map.

The Pool of Light only spawns on the above ground portion of the map and can be near the stone cathedral or in the curved portion of the rock wall.

Library[edit | edit source]


This map was added to Light Bearers post release.

This regal environment is a great place for bears to study everything from Bear-Jit-su to How To Run Faster. Piles of books and shelves allow for a nimble bear to get away from even the fastest Shadow. The brightly lit level is comprised of two floors connected by stairs and jump crystals which all make it easy to traverse. The first few iterations of this level had an outer ring, but we enclosed the environment to improve overall flow and centralize players.

Bear Sentry Statues are the only options for standard hiding places, but there are lots of small areas you can wedge into. Although small Shadows and Shadow Bears can still reach you.

The Pool of Light only spawns on the top floor in the center of the room between the bookshelves.

Frozen Maze[edit | edit source]

Frozen Maze.PNG

This map was added post release during the Xmas Update.

Waves of a green aurora borealis float high above this frozen labyrinth. The tight twists and turns give this cold snowy map a unique challenge for players. The map contains icy patches which will cause bears (both Light and Shadow) to slide across it. Clever bears can walk on top of the walls, but will easily give away their position if they linger too long.

This symmetrical map is very large, but there are two jump crystals that can shoot the Light Bears across the map. Disgruntled Snowmen appear again in this map as standard hiding places.

The Pool of Light only spawns in one location: the very center of the map in the open space.

Dry Rock[edit | edit source]

Dry Rock.PNG

Dry Rock was added after initial release and has been voted the most popular map in Light Bearers

This western themed map offers a large open area to play in with a few buildings along the outskirts of the town allowing bears to hide from the Shadow. Loose Lucy's, The Church, The Windmill and the Beariff's Office are great landmarks to help navigate the large map. A jump crystal near the windmill can launch Light Bears across the map toward the gallows and the cactus are bouncy enough to use like trampolines.

Wooden outhouses with carved crescent moons on the front serve as the standard hiding spots in the map.

The Pool of Light spawn only on top of the center building. Light Bears can run up the stairs from below or try to jump into the Pool of Light from the surrounding buildings.

Ebony Dread[edit | edit source]

Ebony Dread.PNG

Another one of our post release maps, this one came out with three of our new Shadows Scourrrge, Shadow Tooth and C'thululing.

Yo Ho Ho and a bucket of Woah! This pirate themed map takes place on a floating island being blockaded by a ghost ship flying around it. The ghost ship can be boarded by jumping to it and it has a jump crystal that allows you to jump back to the island. The island offers a small play area allowing for bears being infected to be easily saved.

There are Tiki Towers and stacked crates that bears can hide in throughout the map.

The Pool of Light spawns in one of three different places: The South beach, North jungle area or the center of the map near the bones.

Wonderland[edit | edit source]


This is our most recent map added post release, it marks one year since Light Bearers hit Steam.

After a year of facing off against the Shadows, Wonderland was originally built for the Light Bears as a place to recuperate and relax. However, once Vir De Somnio heard about it, he turned it into an insane asylum to torture those bears close to the brink. It consists of tight hallways and an open courtyard with an ominous shadow stone jutting out of the center. The interior has two floors that can be traversed using the stairs on either side of the building or by using one of the holes in the floor.

There are beds and cabinets in the cramped rooms for the Light Bears to hide in. Keep an eye out for any secrets the insane bears might have left behind :D

The Pool of Light can spawn in the court yard near the doors to the building or in the broken down recreational room.