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Chaos Plane: The Sixth
Pros: High Mobility, AOE ability
Difficulty: Easy
Release Date: October, 23rd 2018
Voice actor: Sweff
Primary: Shadow Blast
Secondary: Succy Succy
Ultimate: Slow Down

Terror is one of the playable Shadows in Light Bearers.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Floating sarcophagus engulfed in flames hovered meters apart from each other in the endless spiral of The 6th Plane. The inhabitants of each eternal tomb fated to be slowly consumed by the fire until eventually they withered into dust. It was a fate Terror felt he did not deserve. It was absolutely unthinkable in his mind that a man of his caliber was being forced to exist in this dreadful place reeking of death and decay. After all, his brother was the intended recipient of this torture, not him.

It had been decades since the betrayal, but the sting of it still burdened him. To think his own flesh and blood had manipulated him into trading places. The words of the lie still linger in his mind, "It wont be forever, you know? Just think how much mother will love you?" Little did Terror know then that forever in this foul place was a blink in the eye of eternity and it didn't matter if mother loved him more, he would never see her again.

The thought of his childlike gullibility sickened him now. That feeling fueled his vow for vengeance and kept his mind alive. No matter how much flesh the flames took from him, his mind was alert and searching; Seeking an escape. There were times in the early days he would try to climb out but the ever-watchful guardian would appear forcing him back. Their cold menacing eye, searching and probing him until he relented back into his stone casket. Then they would fly off to pester another poor soul trapped here.

But that was long ago before his body became rigid and decomposed. It no longer obeyed his commands and it was only a matter of time before even his mind could not hold up against the heat of the flames. On the day of The Uprising, an enormous crash exploded over his head and he saw a crack spread across the sky mere feet from his sarcophagus. His eyes darted left to right searching for the guard. "Is this it? Is this my chance?" No guard in sight, he mustered all his remaining strength and commanded his body to move. Nothing responded, not even the slightest twitch. "No! I won't let you take this from me!" This time hollering out loud at his own body. He thought of his brother, his mother and the torture he'd endured. The rage built in him and he reached out with his mind toward the crack.

Just as Terror was about to give up there was a loud pop and he felt himself flipping through the air and into the crack. When he awoke, he felt lighter and his mind was more alert than ever. The world around him was new, hues of gold and the smell of books. Now, this was a place much more fitting. He twisted his jaw to one side, half-smiling "Look at me now mother, mmnnnaaahhh."

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Primary - Shadow Blast
Launch a Shadow Blast from Terror's mouth that infects Light Bears it touches Notes:
 • This ability tracks Light Bears for a short duration

 • Light bears can use walls and corners to avoid getting hit

 • Default Keybinding: LMB  • Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Secondary - Succy Succy
Terror positions himself in a single spot and creates a powerful vacuum that pulls Light Bears into him and infects any of them that he touches Notes:
 • The best counter is to hold crouch or continuously run away without jumping
 • Default Keybinding: RMB  • Cooldown: 25 Seconds
Ultimate - Slow Down
Slow down time for all Shadow Bears and Light Bears for a short duration; decreasing their movement and reaction speed Notes:
 • Everything except Terror slows down, even Shadow Bears
 • Default Keybinding: SHIFT  • Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Terror cannot move while doing his Succy Succy ability, make sure to put yourself in a good spot to catch Light Bears
  • Try to save your Shadow Blast until you trigger the slow down - that way the Light Bears cannot escape easily

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Terror doesn't really have mother issues. They go out for high tea every Sunday
  • Before Terror was just a floating head, he was attached to the body of a skeleton