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Shadows are the playable "killers" in Light Bearers. There are currently 17 Shadows in the game.

The Shadows originate from The Chaos Plane, of which there are 9 individual locations each with their own daunting and elaborate environment. The power and anger of Vir De Somnio imbued each shadow with 2 basic abilities and 1 ultimate as they fell through the cracks into The Twilight. These abilities have been designed specifically to help the Shadow infect Light Bears and ensure the never ending nightmare.

There are no specific classes distinguishing each Shadow from the next. Each ability kit is designed to match different player styles and preferences. There is something for everyone whether you prefer a Shadow who traps and pounces on their prey or a flying shadow with ranged abilities.

Every player starts with 6 Shadows. Players can purchase the Light Bearers Full Game DLC, which will unlock every single Shadow that has been released, plus all future Shadows.

List of Shadows[]