Light Bearers Wiki

Shadow Bears are the helpers in Light Bearers who started out the round as a Light Bear and was infected by the Shadow. Every Shadow Bear is given a primary ability to place a Shadow wall down and in Shadow Favored servers they can also get awarded a movement speed increase if they disable a Blessing Pad. Once converted into a Shadow Bear, their goal is to help the Shadow prevent any Light Bears from escaping. You will lose a lot of points for being cleansed, so once infected it is in your best interested to help the Shadow win. Shadow Bears will be forcefully cleansed at the end of a round once a Light Bear reaches the Pool of Light, or if in Shadowed Favored servers if the last Light Bear reaches the Pool of Light.


After The Uprising, Light Bears were being infected by the Shadows who found their way into The Twilight. The Light Bears good nature made them gullible and unaware of the intentions of the Shadows resulting in the creation of Shadow Bears.

During the transformation between Light Bear and Shadow Bear an interesting chemical reaction happens within the bears energy converting their joyous gleefulness into devious gloom. Their skin darkens to a charcoal black and bits of them glow bright red. They start acting abnormally: chanting, running sluggishly and telling outright lies about how great being a Shadow Bear is. If you or a Light Bear you know ever comes across one of these, run and don't look back.


Primary - Shadow Wall
This ability creates a wall/platform directly in front of where the Shadow Bear is looking Notes:
 • You can use this to block pathways for Light Bears or create jumping platforms to reach new heights.
 • Default Keybinding: LMB  • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Temporary Passive - Blessing (Only in Shadow Favored Mode)
While playing in a Shadow Favored server Shadow Bears can stand on a Blessing pad to disable it which will grand you increased movement speed once it fully charges Notes:
 • This movement speed can help to keep up with a Light Bear
 • Default Keybinding: passive  • Cooldown: 5 seconds


  • Look behind you to place your Shadow Wall to trap Light Bears in small areas
  • Light Bears are naturally faster. Knowing the maps help you navigate efficiently
  • Placing a Shadow Wall over a Light Bear being infected makes it harder for others to save them.
  • Shadow Bears are not as bouncy as Light Bears so they are easier to stack on top of each other.


  • When first designing the game, we knew there had to be something for infected players to do once they were tagged. No one likes sitting around waiting for the game to end. Which is why we added the infection/cleansing game mechanics as a way to maintain a continuous game for all players.
  • Shadow Bears do in fact have cookies, but they are Oatmeal Raisin. Don't be fooled by their claims of chocolate chip.