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Chaos Plane: The 6th Plane
Pros: High Mobility, AOE ability
Difficulty: Hard
Release Date: October, 23rd 2018
Voice actor: Sweff
Primary: Build the Wall
Secondary: Targeted Attack
Ultimate: No Hiding

Oculus is one of the playable Shadows in Light Bearers.

Lore[edit | edit source]

A soft light filters through large fluffy clouds from high above The 6th Plane, shimmering and dancing across the ornate gold and marble columns. Each towering spire stretched high above the clouds and was encircled with floating tombs engulfed in magical flames. This place is reserved for those proven cold, callused and too powerful to let linger elsewhere. One does not simply leave those types without a watchful eye, or in this case hundreds of floating eyes, guarding their every move.

Oculus was created with the soul purpose of watching and guarding the tombs of The 6th Plane. He had been commanded to keep an eye on the fourth quadrant. It was his sworn duty to never let a single thing escape but that wasn't what kept him so vigilant. These dreadful creatures had lived lives so foul they excreted an unimaginable stench. They did not cherish order or restraint; they preferred chaos and a general tomfoolery. It was almost more than he could take to be forced to exist so closely to them, but he knew without him these monsters would wreck havoc.

He was staring intently in to one of the flaming coffins, its inhabitant was new and the fresh ones always try to escape. They are also the ones who reeked the worst and this one in particular was causing Oculus to weep ever slightly at its vile smell. Out of seemingly no where, a booming explosion erupted to his right. He spun to look but his vision was hazy and he couldn't focus. He started to float slowly over towards the sound, blinking to dry his eyes. Finally he could see a large crack had appeared in the sky, close to one of the other tombs, and then the most horrible thing happened. The skull of one of the putrid creatures snapped from from its body and flung itself through the crack. "NO! Stop!" was all Oculus could yell out before it disappeared beyond the light.

This was outrageous and Oculus would not stand for it. "No one escapes... no one!" He dived through the crack and was plunged into a dark world with tree houses and glowing mushrooms. Frantically he searched for the fugitive but what he found instead was a sloth of bubbly and bouncy bears. They laughed and mocked him, frolicking around with no sense of organization or order. He realized quickly, that his superiors had finally recognized him for his true purpose, sending him here to dispose of these rascals. He gave chase, completely forgetting about the disembodied skull.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Primary - Build The Wall
Deploy a shadow wall in front of every Light Bear, blocking their path Notes:
 • Default Keybinding: LMB  • Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Secondary - Targeted Attack
Generate 10 Shadow Bolts that all target the closest Light Bear Notes:
 • This ability can be used to track where a Light Bear might be hiding
 • Default Keybinding: RMB  • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Ultimate - No Hiding
Oculus create one Shadow Bolt in front of every hiding place on the map that will target Notes:
 • Dodging the shadow bolt or Jumping into hiding spots will protect you
 • Default Keybinding: SHIFT  • Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Using your ultimate right in the beginning of the round will yield higher possible chances to infect an unsuspecting bear
  • Oculus is slow moving, but if you use your walls correctly you can hinder any bears trying to run from you

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Oculus used to wear a monocle before a light bear called him "Two Eyes"
  • Oculus' design is inspired by the D&D monster The Beholder