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Chaos Plane: The 5th Plane
Pros: High Mobility, Flying
Difficulty: Hard
Release Date: October, 23rd 2018
Voice actor: Sweff
Primary: Speed Boost
Secondary: Come Closer
Ultimate: Infectious Friends

Legion is one of the playable Shadows in Light Bearers.

Lore[edit | edit source]

In the place with the selfish river, we weren't always hungry. The 5th Plane was full of little critters, moving and scurrying just below the dying grass. We would chase them and consume them. They would become a part of us and we a part of them. We didn't know the river was alive then, but when food got scarce we noticed it was moving. It snaked across the ground, winding and shifting. Nothing survived in the wake of its putrid waters, grass and creature alike. We've only survived because we fly.

At first we thought it could become a part of us like all things should, but each time we tried to get close the river would lash out burning us, hurting us. If it didn't want to join us, we could not let it continue to exist. A competition for survival began, but the river proved to be cunning and selfish. It seemed like no matter how fast we flew or how well we spotted the prey, the river got to it first consuming everything, even bone, and leaving nothing for us.

The longer this went on the harder we found it to fly. It became too hard one day and we had to shed a piece of ourself to lighten the load. We watch as it fell into the river, fizzling on the surface until nothing was left. The ripples in the water mocked us as we wept for the loss. In anger we screamed at the river, mad at the inevitability of it all and as it shifted in delighted response we caught a glint of something on the sandy bed of the river.

It was a brightly lit crack previously unseen under the ground until the river had moved over top of it. Our senses tingled. There was only one thing that caused that: prey. Just beyond the crack we could sense lots of little things running around. Things we could consume, things to strengthen our numbers. We wanted to... no we needed to get to there, but the river blocked our path. We could easily fizzle out of existence long before reaching the crack.

We looked around at the place we once called home. There was nothing left for us here. We positioned ourselves just above the water and dashed straight forward into the crack. We could feel the river rip at us, tearing pieces off as we plunged deeper. At first we thought we hadn't made it, but once the bright light subsided we saw such new things. Trees and plants glowing in a purple hue filled our vision. The feeling of prey was stronger and the hunt began.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Primary - Speed Boost
Legion propels themselves forward at three times their normal speed Notes:
 • Legion can only dash in one direction, so jumping/dodging to the side is the best option for evading this ability
 • Default Keybinding: LMB  • Cooldown: 16 Seconds
Secondary - Come Closer
You send out a wave that draws nearby Light Bears into your swarm to infect them Notes:
 • Default Keybinding: RMB  • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Ultimate - Infectious Friends
Launch an infectious bubble. If it hits a Light Bear , it will eventually explode infecting them and any near by Light Bears . If it hits a surface, it will remain there until a Light Bear runs close to it Notes:
 • If you are infected, jump into a hiding spot to remove the infection
 • Default Keybinding: SHIFT  • Cooldown: 14 Seconds

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Legion cannot turn when using the speed boost, make sure to lead your target
  • Wait to use your ultimate until you know it can cause the most AOE Infection

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Legion has no gender, they are a swarm
  • The swarm is unable to sit still, they must keep moving to survive