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Chaos Plane: The 8th Plane
Pros: High Mobility, Zone Control
Difficulty: Hard
Release Date: October, 23rd 2018
Voice actor: Sweff
Primary: Caged Bear
Secondary: Dash Portal
Ultimate: Turret

Imperator is one of the playable Shadows in Light Bearers.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The ashen atmosphere of The 8th Plane made it almost impossible for anyone to see across the volcanic wasteland. Veins of lava zigged and zagged through the shattered mantle spilling magma from the molten core below. Surrounded by the sounds of the ground breaking and cracking against its will, Imperator stood motionless in his twisted and tiny cage which hung mere inches from the molten surface.

His feet burned from the immense heat, but there was nowhere to run. He was trapped. This was a fate worse than death; something he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy. Imperator was not meant to be caged, not meant to be stuck in one spot forever. There was a time when he ruled the world of minions and tormented any who disobeyed. But that was long ago and looking around at his present fate it was obvious he had fallen far from his throne.

In truth, he believed his only hope for freedom was that one day the ground below him would open up and swallow him in a burst of destructive lava. Each day new cracks and schisms ripped apart the ground and each day he watched as they moved closer to his infernal cage. It was his broken spirit that prevented Imperator from hearing the words of Vir De Somnio on the day of The Uprising. He was too busy muttering for the lava to end his suffering already.

Just below his cage, the brightest light Imperator had ever seen exploded, surrounding his entire cage. He took a deep breath in and smiled with relief. "This is it," he thought, "the fire is consuming me and I will finally be free." But just as quickly as it had come the light dissipated as did the heat he had grown accustom to. Slowly Imperator opened his eyes, beholding a sight he had not seen in ages. It was a world of stone covered in lush green plants and high in the night sky among the stars a large crack. He could feel a sense of renewed energy emanating from it. His cage was gone and he was free to move as he pleased. He smiled again, this time with joy "Time to run."

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Primary - Cage Mine
Put down a Cage Mine that triggers once a Light Bear is close enough Notes:
 • Eventually the cage will go away and free its inhabitant.
 • Default Keybinding: LMB  • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Secondary - Speed Gate
Drop a dash portal that increases both Imperator's and Shadow Bears movement speed while also decreasing the movement speed any Light Bears who pass through it. Notes:
 • The Dash Portal also works for Shadow Bears
 • Default Keybinding: RMB  • Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Ultimate - Nether Turret
Deploy an airborne turret that shoots tracking shadow bolts at nearby Light Bears Notes:
 • You can't out run the Turrets Shadow Bolt, but you can dodge it or turn a corner.
  • Imperator can use the turret to identify where a hiding Light Bear might be
 • Default Keybinding: SHIFT  • Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can gain an almost infinite speed boost by going through the Dash Portal several times in a row, launching yourself clear across the map
  • Placing cage traps near your turret ensures no Light Bears can escape if you're on the other side of the map
  • The cage mines prevent Light Bears from jumping away, but they can still dash away

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Imperator's favorite music is in fact Country
  • His voice lines went through several iterations before we found the perfect combination of teen angst and hard-core demon
  • He used to have a court jester - it wasn't Jester.